Personal data:



Chrispens, Rudolf

Date of birth

July 31, 1990

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November 2016

Guest lecturer Unity Game Development

SRH Fachschule Heidelberg

August 2016

Guest lecturer Unity Game Development

SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

2014 - 2017

Lead programmer at Dev6 Game Studio

Programming, Organisation, Work distribution, Time management, intern supervision

2011 - 2014

SRH Heidelberg

Bachelor of science in computer science

specialization game development



German (native speaker)
English (excellent command)
Russian (good command)


C# (Expert)
C/C++ (Intermediate)
HTML (Intermediate)
XML (Intermediate)
Java (Novice)


About me

This small section is for all of you who want to see how I am as a person. In my opinion it can't hurt to know a little about a person before you get into contact for buisness.


So, here you go:


Hi, my name is Rudolf Chrispens and I love traveling! I like it to make some small trips during my freetime. The picture on the left is from Prag. A beautiful city - you have to visit it! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Since travelling takes a lot of time and preperation, and it is also not the only thing I am interested in, here are some other topics I love.

Swimming, Gaming, Workout, Costume Parties, special events like the one on the picture at the right.

And yeah even if it sounds fishy. Programming! Yeah, yeah - some might think I wrote this down because it's good to show it on my website. But still I love it. For me programming is really a creative and innovative hobby. I can try so many different things and create so much. And there is so much to learn. Ask a senior programmer ย and he will tell you he learned something new not a long time ago!

So I made my interest to my profession. ๐Ÿ™‚